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Plagues of Prophecy
Directly from the State of Tennessee comes a new underground Plagues of Prophecy band, which is going to infect a large part of population with their brutal mix of Death Black Grind style. In addition, they planted in their work a significant number of horror influences mainly from the gore side, so fans of similar movies can enjoy as well. For now they have only one recording, but what new will come, vocalist Odysseus Gray has disclosed.

Hi, how are things going, what have you released thus far? When and why have you decided to start this band?
Hello, things are going really well right now. We have released a 3 song demo called “Vengeance Needs Blood” in the earlier stages of this band.
The idea for Plagues of Prophecy was tossed around back in 2006, but with everyone working on their other projects; it didn't get off the ground until 2009.

How much material do you have prepared for your debut album? Will you use also some older songs? Do you have some idea about the cover art?
There will be anywhere from 12 to 14 songs released on the debut album. And I believe were going to keep 2 of the older songs for the record...
Cooper Bates did our logo. So I'm sure we will be working with him again on the albums artwork. I hope to have some post apocalyptic zombies and you know there has to be a rotting Christ somewhere in there, haha.

Why aren’t you at Metal Archives pages? How it actually works, who is adding bands on these pages?
No, our stuff is not up on the metal archives page. I feel like we don’t have enough material at the moment to put it up there just yet, and I have no idea who's running those pages.

How many members does your band consist of? U.S. bands are known for frequently members’ changes, has this phenomenon touched on you as well?
Plagues of Prophecy consist of 5 members. Josh (Smitty) Woodby on leads and back up vocals, Josh (Jrope) Pike on rhythm guitars, Mat Sexton on drums, Garth Hearld on the bass, and me Odysseus Gray on the vocals.
Yes, The U.S. bands go through an abundance of band members. And we've been quick to follow suit, with 6 x band members. I honestly think it’s the lack of dedication more than anything. We are very happy with the current lineup in this band.

Why did you choose the name Plagues of Prophecy? Does it have some specific meaning?
I came up with the name and idea for Plagues of Prophecy back in 2005. When we started practicing it seemed to fit our lifestyle as well as our music. We are a plague that has been prophesied upon our society.

What are you trying to express by your music? Do you think it is better to mix more styles together?
We express Satanism, brutality, and violence through our music, and mix a lot of different styles to accomplish that. Mixing styles doesn't work for every band out there, but it works for us and in the end it's all about writing brutal and violent music.

I like the crisp sound of your guitars, the riffs are well understood, where did you recorded it? Do you know where will you go to record an album?
Thanks. We recorded the “Vengeance Needs Blood” demo with Mike (Coopdakill) Cooper, at Slant records digital recording studio. I've worked a lot with him in the past on my previous projects. So he knows my voice and what I like. There are a few other names that have been put up on the board so well just have to wait and see what happens.

You are probably influenced also by King Diamond, are you trying to bring some of it into your music? Who has influenced you next? What are your favorite Black Metal bands? Do you know Czech Masters Hammer band?
Fucking love King Diamond! You can find a lot of Diamond influence in our music, from storytelling to guitar riffs. There is a wide range of bands that influence our music anywhere from Vehemence, Decapitated, to Job for a Cowboy, and Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Abigail Williams. I just seen Marduk on the blackest of the black tour, awesome band. Masters Hammer is a killer band. I love the stage props. naked chicks on the altar, pentagrams, blood. You can’t ask for a better show.

I know you also admire the horror films; do you prefer gore or ghostly ones? Are they the main source for your lyrics? Who is lyrics author?
I love the Gore! I recently had the chance to meet and speak with Tom Savini. So yea you can say I get lyrical influences from gore movies. I write about 90% of our lyrics. Smitty wrote a few of the older ones, and I'm pushing him to write a few more for the new record.

What about the horror movies as Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project or Evil Dead? Do you prefer old or new ones? Sure you have read something from Lovecraft.
Paranormal was a good movie. A lot of people will disagree, but I liked it. The older the horror movie the better. Yea I've read H.P. Lovecraft. I own The Necronomicon, The dream circle of, The best of, and The transition of H.P.Lovecraft.

How can you see the position of metal in the U.S.? I have heard it is declining slightly there, is this true?
Yes, the Metal scene is declining slightly, but honestly I think it’s more of a city to city thing. Some city's and states for that matter, have more of a scene than others.

A few days ago was the death anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner, have yourself reminded it somehow? Have you known him personally?
No I haven't had the chance to meet Chuck. Wish I had, but I love Death! One of my all time favorites. Yea, every show we play we dedicate a song to a great musician that has passed away.

How are you doing concerts, do people go to live shows?
We're that band that will play anywhere, anytime, and for anyone. Shows are going well; I think we played like 30 or more shows with bands such as Warbringer, Decrepit Birth, and Kinghts of the Abyss, in our first year as a band. We have a loyal following that keeps getting bigger and bigger, and as long as were on the bill people keep coming out to our shows.

What is the scene in your area, is there enough bands?
The scene here kinda sucks, that's why we play elsewhere as much a possible. There are a lot of screamo pussy ass scene kids here. And the few death metal bands that are around. Talk so much shit that we usually end up in fights whit them, ha ha. We don't take shit from anyone! I will shout out to Coathanger Abortion, and Decades of Deceit though. Both those bands are cool as fuck with us.

Ok, that's all from me. Thanks you for the interview and many successes. Can you write your current top 5?
Thanks for having us. Hail satan!

Cannibal Corpse
All Shall Perish


Odysseus Gray                                          24.12. 2010 Storm