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PYREFICATIVM is a Chilean Black Metal formation whose essence lies in the single name of Melek R. N. You can know this maniac from Abhorior band, where they pulls it to Death / Black Metal style. But this time we are interested in his own inside and visions in PYREFICATIVM. I got to know this ensemble thanks to the Russian Living Temple label and noticed that besides Hexagon they also have this witch's beast. The ceremonial atmosphere, occult and melancholic radiance, which goes deep in a complex way, plays the greatest part in the music of this band. It was great to get the email from Melekt R. N. who agreed with a smaller talk for our zine. You will know more from his own ideas and don't forget to check "Promo MMXIV" and "Phosphorvs - Demo MMXV", but now Melek R. N has the word....

What do flame, fire and also the name of the band mean to you? I would also like to ask the font of the logo itself. Does it have any special meaning to you?
Thank you very much for the interest in Pyreficativm, the phosphorescence remains in every word and in each grimoire executed by the gang. Fire is one of the supreme keys to build internally and externally ... I alchemically work from this axis to create countless. The logo has its origin in Persian typography, although my argument and my codes have to do with this, fire is a complement together with the verb.

You are responsible for entire creation and all instruments. I know you also come from the Abhorior band. What is PYREFICATIVM different at? Is it a more personal matter to you and you put more inner feelings into your work?
Yes, that is correct. Pyreficativm is a soloist unit and I am the creator of all music and visual art just like I am in Eavral, my other band "Drakonian Ritual Ambient" For each of the "Societies" that I have an intrinsic and varied energy level, it does not want say that one stand out more than another ... on the contrary, for each of these games a unique and special role which is synchronized in a rotational and alchemically active manner. Abhorior is an amalgam for these "Societies" the execution is a bit more dense because I make an Occult Black Death Metal with abysmal sound.

It could be said your music could be labeled as Black Metal ceremony, you have two to three interesting recordings released, but each one has different sound. The "Phosphorvs" demo sounds as if it's been recorded at least twice. Where and how did you record it?
In a certain way you are right, I personally classify my music as "Spiritual Black Arts" The demo "Phosphorvs" as you say was recorded in two different times, the tracks that contain a sound more precarious / cavernous, they were extracted from a work buried in time called "Flammis Maledictis" Pre-Pyreficativm. This was recorded by alla at the 2008 E.A in the city of Valdivia.

The second recording "Phospohorvs - Demo MMXV" is much louder and more significant. How would you compare the recording process and defined your vision of sound from this point of view?
Phosphorvs was an interesting and short work, as I commented previously the great majority of the tracks were taken from "Flammis Maledictis" personally Phosphorvs was the right start for Pyreficativm, It should sound Shattered / Cavernous, it was an interesting experience to meditate in the future.

What does the sound mean to you while recording, the sound in general? Do you think most of the bands are underestimating the sound or they are just trying to get the sound of a certain record to sound like that? The sound can give the band so much originality and deepen the overall character and atmosphere of music ...
Here I will sit down to discuss your question a little more in detail since you have touched an important point ... As I go structuring a creation either this one track according to a physical ritualization etc. The vibrations that you manage to capture through your exercises is the key, the praxis of each work is fundamental to build yourself in the first place, then comes the musical nigredo stage where you can engage a conversation with the sounds ... sort the notes that come to you. basically it's my way of working. Obviously every musician, magician or conscious individual on the sinister path works differently but with the same principles that bind him to praxis and primordial energy ...
Today we see an exploitation of good and negative resources within the so-called "Underground Scene" which can be right, without a doubt the impetus and temper of each author prevails through their ability cognitive in art. many cultivators of the sinister arts nowadays handle a handful of information, but also many today disguise themselves and dress the habit of ridicule. Music as its own sound can not To be expressed with a low level, you can not pay a tribute to these energies if you are not very sure of what you do. Even today you can get a very original and organic nectar in your sound, but tireless work and respect that art deserves will take you where you belong ...

You are certainly interested in occultism and various spiritual paths, probably a practitioner, a magician. How do you transfer these things into your music? Do you think you could do also shallow music, just rhythmic and more fun?
Like my art, I do not classify myself as "something" I leave free expression to the listener and the individual who is conscious to see behind the subject. mainly to carry out such an important task as transmitting sensations Through music it is a work worthy of being recognized and the answer is to be humble and discreet. A truly strategy and vow of silence make modern man a superior Being.

To get a strong and expressive atmosphere into music, it certainly requires a dose of creativity, a vision. Do you use some special rituals at recording, whether you're lighting candles, half-light, or doing some kind of occult decoration to make you better feel the playing? How do you perceive the atmosphere in music that should be the most important in Black Metal?
The degree of power that is needed to create anything within the sinister path depends clearly on the individual. If your works are correct, it will be furtive. I mainly occupy my environment in favor either outdoors or in places full of dense energy. each physical ritual is carried out to the limit to take advantage of the Prana, the rest it comes naturally as an organic cycle.

I would also like to ask whether you are using altered states of consciousness in any way when recording or writing music, or do you prefer just pure mind? Do you think the changed states of consciousness (of course, not being absolute drunken or not knowing what you are doing) can help to make even more creativity?
Many people today occupy drugs, hard drugs, alcohol and psychotropics that activate the mind to "create" I am not against but I do not support a cause like that and I do not contaminate my temple with garbage, I am not in favor of the excessive use of drugs or whatever it is to reach a "dignified" level of musical omnipotence. I am faithful to the ancestral use of organic substances that we can obtain from the human body, that's where it starts my work, that's where the real magic is born. occupy these natural substances of my body to work in a way unlimited and natural. You can make amazing changes with this practice without losing your judgment or damaging your Temple.

Have you ever had any special supernatural experiences at recording process, something you did not expect to happen? What was the most special thing to inspire you in the creation? Dreams, altered states of consciousness, sleep paralysis, sleep deprivation, drugs, visions...
Of course, yes! without these expectations there would be no impulse to do things or create. since I started the following What came was an appendix of what I had experienced since childhood ... everything you mentioned earlier is enabled in the process of a musician in the sinister path except the use of drugs in my case. Responding about something supernatural was the process of creating the album called "The Path of Samsara" full length 2015. let's say that the process of "Spiritual Nigredo" is the most conventional to call this.

When can we look forward to some new material? You have published one new promo track. Do you know in what format the new recording will be? How much you already have created? I can fully imagine that PYREFICATIVM will always be a deep underground band. Would you like to release full-length material?
Since the beginning of this year I am recording a lot of material, many work ahead adding my face as Artist / Painter and my little label called "Mahamvantara Arts" I recently released a short video with the new track of Pyreficativm, as you mention is a promotion track only. This year there are some releases interesting, a Split with a sister band called "Nefast" from the city of Valdivia as well. The work will be entitled "N A A S- Pneuma Echamot" which will be released by my label in special tape format and incenses, I still do not have a clear and exact date for the launch. I also have in the process of creating an Ep called "VENVSTIAM- "The Sacred Veil Arcana" will consist of a totally new and organic sound, soon to be released for my label "Mahamvantara Arts" and "Manto Negro Prods" in tape format with special cover. Pyreficativm always will be a faithful guardian who will work in the shadows and to date I have the following works:

Pyreficativm "Serpens" Promotional CD MMXIV
Pyreficativm "Phosphorvs" Demo Tape MMXV
Pyreficativm "The Path of Samsara" Full Length Tape MMXV
Pyreficativm "Mahamvantara the Crescent Pylons ov Ast Zho El " Full Length Tape MMXVI
Pyreficativm “Serpens” Reissue tape MMXVIII

The best is yet to come!

I have to say the Chilean Metal scene is fascinating and spectacular, many bands offer a pretty original Black / Death / Thrash / Heavy Metal solutions. Are you proud to be from Chile? Do you feel your scene is something special and unique?
The truth is that my words do not reflect the spirit of belonging to Chile or not, since what I express does not go directly from my heart, but from my consciousness ... I belong to another side far from here. I do not consider myself a part of the Chilean scene, although I do support many bands of friends and sisters in the sinister art and their great professionalism that they deliver. Thank you very much Necrosphere, I appreciate your interest in Pyreficativm and very attentive to the new releases and material under the sinister flame of Mahamvantara Arts!

Agios 181

Many thanks for you cuestions!

Mahamvantara Arts
"Artist & design"


Melek R. N.
                                             29. 3. 2018 Mortuary
Ancient Sands