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Blackened Souls
Sweden dark Black / Death Metal scene have unfolded its wings and cast out a new monster named TRIDENT into the world. Their debut disc "World Destruction" follows on the link of NECROPHOBIC, split-up DISSECTION and other ones, but not coincidentally, those bands come some TRIDENT members from. The questions were answered by bassist Alex Friberg who is also playing bass in NECROPHOBIC. Thus drown in the black, cold depths of the true northern darkness.

Hi, try first to introduce your TRIDENT band?
Trident are following: Johan Norman (Soul Reaper, ex-Dissection), Alex Friberg (Necrophobic), Tobias Sidegard (Necrophobic), Ewo Solvelius, Jonas Blom (Grief of Emerald).

Andy LaRocque and Nico Elgstrand did the album production. How would you describe their contribution to your sound? Have they somewhat hit into your music?
Well, they donít have so much to do with the sound. They were studio engineers and it was basically Johan who mixed the album and then we gave it away to be mastered. Andy and Nico on the other hand had very much to do how we play on the album, they were hard to make sure that we played as good as we possibly could, which is great, as a good recording engineer should doÖ

How are you satisfied with sound of your bass guitar on the album? By what have you chosen your bass guitar to buy?
Yeah Iím satisfied. Clean and heavy sound on the bass just as I want it. I use a Warwick Corvette SS double buck neck-through. The best bass I have ever played on.

Arenít you often compared to NECROPHOBIC and DISSECTION? What makes you different opposite them?
Yes all the time. Not so strange though because we the background that we doÖ Whatís different compared to Necrophobic is that Trident is a lot more modern in sound and structure. But at the same time you can hear some influences from both Necrophobic and Dissection in Trident.

ďBlackened SoulsĒ track features lead solo in style of PINK FLOYD. Who have written it? Do you prefer old or newer PINK FLOYD creation?
You think? I donít listen to Pink Floyd. I wrote itÖ

Some riffs in ďSlaves To AnguishĒ track rather remind me SLAYER. What is you attitude to their development? Who another has influenced you?
Yeah, early Slayer is a big influence to us. Hell awaits, Reign in Blood and South of Heaven are extremely important albums for the whole death/thrash sceneÖ I donít know much about later Slayer, donít listen to those albums. I have heard it but it was not my bag.
Another big influence for us is of course Morbid Angel and Bathory.

Your lyrics are quite satanic. Why have you chosen just this topic? You are trying to spread some message?
This ďtopicĒ is our way of life. We have chosen to walk the left hand path. So I write about Lucifer because itís close to heart. I donít try to convince people to join our way of living; itís not for all of you anyway. But what I am doing is showing where we stand and that we are allied with the legions of the black light.
Trident are one of those who will march into Armageddon and the war against followers of Christ.

Some bands take Satanism just like image only, others take it seriously. How about you? Is the satanic image important to you?
As I said, itís not just an image! Itís a way of life. For me itís not possible to write about something that I donít believe in.

Certainly you know there are a couple of Christian black metal bands. Isnít it a bit bizarre? Even they also have own festival...
There are no Christian black metal bands. If they are Christian then they are NOT black metal! Itís fucking repulsive, where are that festival? It shall burn.

All TRIDENT members play also in other bands, what is typical especially for Sweden. Do you think right musician should play in several bands?
I donít think there is right and wrong is this question. If you have time to do both then do bothÖ

In May you have played in German Festung Open Air Fest. What were your impressions?
Yeah, Festung is a good festival, rather small but good.

Are you satisfied with the direction of Death Metal in general? Donít you think that is becoming too modern and artificial?
I think itís good to improve the music and to make it better and better all the time so yeah, Iím satisfied. I think the music have to follow its time, ultra technical Behemoth is whatís going on today and less technical Venom or Possessed was where going on in the 80īs and 90īs.   

Donít you mind there are still two other bands called TRIDENT except you?
I couldnít care less. What is it? Some heavy metal band from Chile who sing of love and science fiction and some girl bandÖ We will soon show them who the real Trident are and run them over totally!

The Mayan calendar ends 21th December 2012. How do you approach that date? Do you think anything can happen then?
Well, everything they said will happen has happened so far so perhaps the apocalypse start that date, just have to wait and seeÖ

Are you looking forward the hell after death? Haha.
Itís better to rule in hell then forever serve in heaven. 

What are your goals, what do you want to achieve with TRIDENT?
I will take Trident as long as itís possible. We will make it to the top where I believe we belong. Our goal is to make Trident as large and powerful as we possibly can. We will tour a lot, we will release a lot of albums and you will see a hell of a lot more of Trident in the future.

Ok, that's all from my side, try to end it up somehow. Thanks for the interview and best of luck. Can you write your current top 5 albums?
Thank you for this interview.

Ok, my top 5 albums at the moment are:
      1. ALL Iron Maiden albums
      2. Grand Magus - Hammer of the North
      3. Watain - Lawless Darkness
      4. Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness
      5. Dissection - Reinchaos

For the latest news about the band, just check out our sites:
www.trident666.com or www.myspace.com/tridentofficial and to book Trident for a hell of a show send your request to trident@live.se

Up the Trident! 666

Alex Impaler                                               
21. 6. 2010 Storm