MORD ´A´ STIGMATA „Antimatter“, Sun & Moon CD ´11, POL

I have got to this band through the Polish maniacs Pandemonium and many CDs they filled up our mailbox :) Just before the hearing I have checked them out on the net and the looking at "post-black/avant-garde metal" genre caused a slight smile on my face and possibly also saliva running down my chin - oh, yeahh, it will be something for me :) This whole beautifully perverse horrification starts with an intro which didn’t impress me so much. Yet it only takes a minute :) But then starts beautiful, my so much adored black till black / death metal, which forced me to head nodding just at the first hearing.. In that style album carries on to the third Magnum Opus De Solis song, where the avant-garde already begins to accrue. Suddenly comes the unexpectedly beautiful and perfectly clean vocal, which make shivers in the spine and wet in the crotch - mostly for us women :) I don’t like to compare the bands, but here I must mention at least one - Ved Buens Ende. Both bands are indeed somewhere else, but some parallels there can be still seen or heard, with one eye connived and one ear shutted :) Whole album is perfectly composed, not even for a moment boring. I have a feeling the more I listen to, the songs are better and better ... Musically, I am absolutely beyond reproach, so I would like to focus more on the atmospheric side of album, which is for me personally the most important thing.. Hm, I can not accurately describe the feelings circulating in me while listening to this.. And maybe I do not want to :) I'll leave it to you, listen to and judge for yourself ;) I would describe it just by a few words: mystery, strangeness, despair, loneliness till abandonment and already mentioned perverted horrification. Every single song is different, original and yet so much everything follows everything and fits together. The stuff is well to listen to and gives you the feelings that will force you to hear it again and again.. Best in the night at maximal darkness and solitude of course.. ;) Booklet is interesting, transferred in the occult and kabbalistic style. Minor complaint goes to a whole lyrics component layout - it is truly chaotic and I had many troubles until I discovered at least the names of songs. To sum it up - this album will surely be one of my favorite ones which I can only highly recommend, and not only for the entities with a similar musical feelings ;).
9,99                                                    Lamashtu
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